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He never realizes someone likes him. His cute, adorable smile makes you feel so happy,! Nobody deserves a Jayden, however, if you are ever lucky enough to ever get one, never let him go. He has the most gorgeous, brown eyes that even if you just catch a glimpse you instantly get lost in them. Me: my boyfriend is amaaaazing Friend: oooh , what's his name Me: Jayden Friend: that makes sense.

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His cute, adorable smile makes you feel so happy,!

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Josephine. Age: 30.
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He can get a little hot headed once angered but is easy to calm down he's good with the lady's and is always there if your going through a hard time. Jayden is a person who Ioves all his friends and family he will stick u for friends. The most amazing, caring, funny, smart and sincere person in the world.

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