Guitar lick minor pentatonic

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In this lesson we will see how to use the minor pentatonic scale over a II-Valt-I sequence. Guide tones are the notes in a chord which leads or gives harmonic pull toward the next chord. This lesson show you how to use them through 7 easy jazz lines.

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Many classic rock solos tend to be built up from various combinations and sequences of easy-to-play pentatonic licks. Each tab is accompanied by a. BasicPent01 slow BasicPent01 fast.

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Want to learn the a minor pentatonic scale? A pentatonic scale is a 5 note scale which can be used to create solos and melodies. Not only does it sound great, pentatonic scales are also easy to learn.

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The minor pentatonic scale is probably the most commonly learned, practiced and used scale by guitarists of all genres. This scale is a must-know melodic device for guitarists exploring the world of improvised music, be it in the jazz genre or otherwise. While many of us learn this scale when first checking out soloing techniques in genres such as rock, blues and pop, we often neglect this scale when it comes to jazz guitar soloing techniques.

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These 5 licks use only notes from the Minor Pentatonic, and incorporate string bending as most blues licks do! They're all very very common licks that you'll find most blues players using, so you want to 'put these in your bag' right away. For this lesson just work on playing them - getting the bends in tune and playing them over and over until you feel comfortable with them.

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The reasons for this are rooted in the theory behind the minor pentatonic but in a nutshell, the minor pentatonic scale:. In fact, though guitar players at all levels use this scale, it is a favorite among beginners who want to take their first try at guitar licks and solos. In this lesson, I will show you how to start using this scale.

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What could you possibly gain from it? But more importantly, you should listen to the music you like, just as much as you practice it. This will help you develop an intuitive sense of continuity in improvisation and composition.

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The major pentatonic scale is a wonderful, simple way to add colour to your blues playing. The best thing about the major pentatonic scale is that it uses exactly the same shapes as the minor pentatonic scale, but the shapes are simply shifted down 3 frets. For example, compare the following:. One of the easiest ways to play A major pentatonic lines is to simply move your Minor pentatonic lines down 3 frets.

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In the previous lessonwe looked at the all important minor pentatonic scale. In this lesson, we are going to use the minor pentatonic scale to jump into the world of lead guitar, through learning licks, solos and improvising. You can think of a lick as a bite-sized chunk of musical goodness.

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The formation of each minor and major pentatonic scale position is pretty much the exact same except for the starting point or root notes. Note that you begin the minor pentatonic scale by playing the root note, the A on the fifth fret sixth string, with your pointer finger. Now, to play the major pentatonic in that same key, move your pointer finger down three frets to the second fret. This is where you will play position five of the major pentatonic scale the exact same scale formation as the first position of the minor pentatonic scale.


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