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Daring us to have this debate. She is staring back at us, daring us to look at her and to not turn away. When it comes to female and non-normatively gendered male bodies, physical violation is commonplace not only in police cells in the Arab world, but in jails across the world. Her eyes are not hungry or afraid. The three videos below are only representative of the fact that in many of these videos, it is unclear what exactly is the product; the music or the body. She is not playing nice with the patriarchal power structures in Egypt.

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It is less surprising that a photo meant to challenge, not titillate the viewer, has inspired more rage than film posters that pose a naked woman trying to escape the strategically placed grasps of a man, who is posed as a would-be rapist.

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The horizontal and vertical cavalcade of visual imagery and signage that is ubiquitous throughout the city will have awed anyone who has been to Cairo. In particular, Cairo is famous for being the premiere public ass-pinching, breast-grabbing, and body-rubbing capital of the Arab world. In fact, naked women are always only an internet search, an art gallery, a television show, or film away. Her eyes are not hungry or afraid.

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