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Granted, we could also just not report about it, but clearly that's not going to happen. It doesn't take a genius to figure this out. Enemy corpses remain on the ground, sometimes appearing as bloody piles of bones, blood, and viscera. Enemies explode into bloody chunks of flesh when killed. A skeleton is just a part of a body.

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Zariah. Age: 28.
quelaag rule 34

Sniper Team 4: erttheking: hazydawn: "partially topless" boss character with "hair barely covering [her] breasts.

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Lilyana. Age: 31.
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The only thing somewhat different is the specific mention of boss critters. These more generic descriptions apply to so many other games, its eerie. Companies have been getting rather specific with ratings lately. I say this largely because of the way so many bad things flourish due to a lack of specific information.

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