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She was one of 46 female sex workers interviewed for a research report on why sex work should be decriminalised in South Africa. Many of the sex workers described cases of rape, corruption and harassment by police officers. South Africa currently uses the total criminalisation model which means the sale and purchase of sex is illegal.

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The following terms have been used in this document. To enable a complete understanding of the terms, clear definitions are provided. Intentional, unlawful sexual intercourse with a woman without her consent.

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South Africa is the most European country in Africa. Within these demographics, there is a wide range of personality types. The more north you travel within South Africa, the more you are moving into Africa, and the less European vibes you feel as you do in Cape Town. And, less sexual inhibitions in the women.

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Violent clients, police harassment, and stigma are just some of the main reasons sex workers and the NGO s that collaborate with them are fighting for the South African government to decriminalize the trade. Sex work has been criminalized in South Africa since under the Sexual Offences Act, which bans prostitution, brothels, and criminalizes anyone who lives off the proceeds of sex work. More restrictive legislation was introduced in which criminalized the buying of sex.

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Forced to work in dangerous locations, harassed by police officers, and afraid to report violent attacks, sex workers in South Africa urgently want their work to be decriminalized. For years, the legal status of sex work — prohibited under an apartheid-era law — has been a controversial subject of debate amongst civil society groups and government departments. How did you find sex workers willing to talk about their work despite it being illegal in South Africa?

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Download this report. If you would like to obtain a copy of this Research Output, please contact Hanlie Baudin at researchoutputs hsrc. Crain Soudien and literary scholar Shaun Viljoen author of a biography of Richard Rive discuss the influential role of the New Era Fellowship NEF in redefining concepts of race and nationalism in South Africa in the mid-twentieth century and beyond.

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However, hardly do people, especially women engage in prostitution for pleasure. It is hardship that often pushes women into this difficult job. Things become even more challenging for these women because of legislation that makes prostitution illegal. There have therefore been growing calls that prostitution should be decriminalised.

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The videos present various voices of South African women discussing female sexuality in a way it has never been done before in this local context. They are from different parts of South Africa, with different demographics and sexualities. They discuss issues ranging from sexual violence, unwanted pregnancies, HIV and AIDS, and virginity testing, to sex education and sexual liberation.

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The label "men who have sex with men" MSM is used to categorize a diverse population exclusively on the basis of its sexual behavior. Understanding the diversity that this label comprises is critical for the development of health interventions that effectively reach the various populations subsumed under this label. We found significant differences between these two groups in terms of sexual attraction, sexual identity, sexual preferences, sexual histories, and current sexual practices.


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