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The Sense ability is notably similar to the power of the Lens of Truth from previous titles, though it can be used indefinitely and does not take up Magic Power. Yes, since Zant was kind enough to give this to us, we should be thankful and use it all we can! It was a sign that the powers of the chosen one rest within you Wolf Link can not be summoned in towns or dungeons and will not follow Link to these locations. Wolf Link can be summoned indefinitely as long as he still has Hearts remaining. The standard Bite Attack is performed in the same way as a Sword slice and has a similar effect. While running, he is able to dash; pressing the A button will allow him to briefly run more quickly.

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Wolf Link will follow Link wherever he goes and attack enemies and Animals on sight.

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Hyrule Warriors’ Midna Is A Wolf Riding Dragon Slayer In New Trailer

If you were to revive the light spirit In this form, he cannot use weapons such as swords or shields, but he can attack with a ferocious wolf bite. Maybe the Master Sword can help him transform at will

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