Shadman pitbull

shadman pitbull
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Don't see you harping on Boxers, Rottweilers, or Dobermans for the same thing, or German Shepherds, or any wolf mix for that matter. Pitbulls have a build that make them good as guard dogs or to use in dogfights this means that proportionally they are trained more agressively. Don't talk shit about pitbulls unless you know the good side of one you cock-juggling thunder cunt. Bred more agressively, when you're supposed to pick and breed the least aggressive pups, crimminals do teh opposite and breed the most agressive pits to win the betting. In conclusion, much like most likely how your parents neglected you into becoming such an ignorant faggot, fighting dogs are neglected and abused into becoming what they are.

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Azaria. Age: 32.
shadman pitbull

He was rescued by a friend, taken in by my family, and is the sweetest dog you could imagine.

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Lilyanna. Age: 26.
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Shadman Ishraq

Source: I own a pitbull who wasn't bread quite right torso and front legs are huge but his back legs are adorably small for his frame , and as a result he was thrown out of a speeding car onto a highway. That's a trained behavior they learn from abuse, neglect, and at times, torture, it isn't genetic. Much like humans not being born racist, dogs aren't born complete bloothirsty savages that will rip into anything on a command.

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