Solid latex pillow

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One of the things that makes latex pillows appealing is the unique characteristics of latex itself. Because it is a rubber product, it has a level of bounce that you would expect, but what surprises most people is how responsive and accommodating the latex can be at the same time. This allows it to contour to the head and neck and provide ample cushioning without causing your pillow to bottom out.

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They have few complaints related to heat buildup. Latex seldom clumps, shifts or develops hollow spots. See how latex pillows compare to other pillow types.

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Soft, shredded latex combines the comfort and moldability of a traditional pillow with the resiliency and hypoallergenic nature of botanical latex. Smush and fluff your pillow as much you like to create the perfect shape and softness for you. Our solid latex pillow provides the perfect level of responsive support for your head and neck in any sleep position.

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Gone are the days where you only had a few pillow fillings to choose from. Now you have a whole host of options to pick from depending on your individual needs and requirements. However, the issue this brings is it makes the decision-making process even harder. Dunlopillo has been a major player in the pillow industry for almost years and has established themselves as one of the leaders by providing exceptional products for affordable prices.

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Buy Now Great contouring and excellent bounce back Good choice of comfort surfaces Aides in neck and back pain day manufacturer returns 3. Buy now Very supportive of head and neck Holds up well for years Great pressure point reduction day distributor returns 4. Buy Now Heavy and conforming Fits all sleep styles Helps relieve neck and back tension day distributor returns 5.

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Latex is a substance derived from the sap of rubber tree plants. It can be processed using two different methods: the Dunlop method, which results in denser, layered latex; and the Talalay method, which results in fluffier, more homogeneous latex. Latex also sleeps cooler than most foams.

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Latex has become known as a natural material derived from the sap of a rubber tree, which provides a continual seasonal harvest for up to years, without harming the tree. Although latex became known as a natural material, nowadays synthetic forms of latex are increasingly common. Latex pillows have many benefits.

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They offer increased comfort and support while simultaneously reducing the presence of allergens like dust mites. The health benefits of latex pillows, combined with their excellent comfort, make them an attractive option for anyone looking to get better sleep. So what options are there on the market and how do they compare to each other? You can choose between firm and plush, high loft and low loft to ensure that your pillow is just right for you.

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Latex is made available to the masses readily as it is taken from the sap of rubber. It can be processed using two different methods. The first is the Dunlop method which causes denser, layered latex and the second is known as the Talalay method which causes more homogenous and fluffier latex.

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Now more and more people switch from traditional pillows such as memory foam to latex pillow. To offer people a serene dreamland, our company is always devoted to the developing of natural latex pillows. Latex toddler pillow with bumble bee pillowcase is baby love.


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