Tendon insertion in thumb

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Did you know that the tendons attached to your thumb run all the way up your forearm? There are four thumb tendons:. Learn more about anatomy of the fingers, hand, wrist, arm and shoulder at www.

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We are reporting a case of extensor pollicis longus tendon rupture which did not require tendon transfer owing to the ability of the intact extensor pollicis brevis EPB to fully hyperextend the thumb interphalangeal joint. The thumb metacarpophalangeal joint was also able to be fully actively extended by the EPB. Previous anatomical studies have demonstrated that the insertional anatomy of the EPB tendon is highly variable and sometimes inserts onto the extensor hood and distal phalanx, which is likely the mechanism by which our patient was able to fully extend the thumb interphalangeal joint.

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The muscles of the thumb are nine skeletal muscles located in the hand and forearm. The muscles allow for flexionextensionadductionabduction and opposition of the thumb. The muscles acting on the thumb can be divided into two groups: The extrinsic hand muscles, with their muscle bellies located in the forearm, and the intrinsic hand muscles, with their muscles bellies located in the hand proper.

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In human anatomythe extensor pollicis longus muscle EPL is a skeletal muscle located dorsally on the forearm. It is much larger than the extensor pollicis brevisthe origin of which it partly covers and acts to stretch the thumb together with this muscle. The extensor pollicis longus arises from the dorsal surface of the ulna and from the interosseous membrane[1] next to the origins of abductor pollicis longus and extensor pollicis brevis.

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Chung MD The normal voluntary movements of the hand and finger require exquisite precision and balance in both position and force generation. The very basic elements of the fine motor action elicited by the hand and finger involve flexion and extension and require the integrity and orchestration of the components of the tendon units. In the finger and hand, perhaps more than in any other location in the body, a detailed and intimate understanding of anatomy is crucial for lesion localization, directing clinical management, and predicting long-term prognosis.

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Finger Flexors. The flexor tendons are secured in place by a series of pulleys which are fibrous bands wrapping over the tendons and attaching to the bone. The annular pulleys are readily visible with high resolution, high quality equipment.

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When refering to evidence in academic writing, you should always try to reference the primary original source. That is usually the journal article where the information was first stated. In most cases Physiopedia articles are a secondary source and so should not be used as references.

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The hand contains a complex range of structures which permit a wide variety of movements, many of which are essential for day-to-day tasks. In this article we will first look at the joints within the hand and the movements they allow to then further understand the fascia, ligaments and tendons in the hand. The palmar fascia consists of fibrous connective tissue which thickens in the centre of the hand forming the palmar aponeurosis which is continuous with the palmaris longus tendon and flexor retinaculum. The palmar aponeurosis protects the underlying muscle compartments and fans out distally into four digital rays which then become the fibrous digital sheaths.

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Tendons can retract if vincula are disrupted. This zone historically had very poor results but results have improved due to advances in postoperative motion protocols. Often associated with neurovascular injury which carries a worse prognosis.

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Tendons are fibrous cords, similar to a rope, and are made of collagen. They have blood vessels and cells to maintain tendon health and repair injured tendon. Tendons are attached to muscles and to bone.


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