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A new DNA study confirms that dogs descended from grey wolves, probably in China, about 33, years ago. The origin of dogs has inspired a lingering controversy in academia. Where and when did dogs first split off from wolves?

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It was my first encounter with a wolf. The wolf showed itself for several seconds to the left of the lookout. Our vigilance was dulled towards such a newcomer, because now and then there were herd of stray dogs similar in size. Dogs were coming to the carcass without hesitation and began the meal.

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The results were published this week December 15 in Cell Research. The sample population consisted of 12 grey wolves, 12 indigenous dogs from northern China, 11 dogs from Southeast Asia, four Nigerian village dogs, and 19 domestic dogs from Asia, Europe, and the Americas. The dogs from Southeast Asia were most diverse, indicating that there was no bottleneck caused by a small migrating population colonizing the area; these dogs were also most closely related to the grey wolves.

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Out of southern East Asia: the natural history of domestic dogs across the world Cell Research, doi: The origin and evolution of the domestic dog remains a controversial question for the scientific community, with basic aspects such as the place and date of origin, and the number of times dogs were domesticated, open to dispute. Using whole genome sequences from a total of 58 canids 12 gray wolves, 27 primitive dogs from Asia and Africa, and a collection of 19 diverse breeds from across the worldwe find that dogs from southern East Asia have significantly higher genetic diversity compared to other populations, and are the most basal group relating to gray wolves, indicating an ancient origin of domestic dogs in southern East Asia 33 years ago.

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Most experts agree that prehistoric humans began taming wolves tens of thousands of years ago, transforming dangerous pack predators into loyal companions and creating specialized dog breeds for different tasks. In another version of this story, wolves engineered their own domestication after tasting the bounty of campsite living. But where exactly did dogs first diverge from their ancestors, undergoing the subtle genetic changes that made them social, submissive and, of course, snuggly?

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The Tibetan wolf Canis lupus filchneri is a subspecies of the gray wolf that is native to China in the regions of GansuQinghaiand the Tibetan Autonomous Region. It is distinguished by its genetic markerswith whole genome sequencing indicating that it is the most genetically divergent wolf population, [3] and mitochondrial DNA sequencing indicating that it is genetically the same wolf as the Himalayan wolfis genetically basal to the Holarctic grey wolf[4] [5] [6] and has an association with the African golden wolf Canis anthus. Inthe German zoologist Paul Matschie classified a wolf skin from Xining in the Qinghai province of China as Canis lupus filchneri.

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They conclude that our four-legged friends originated from a group of wolves in Southeast Asia around 33, years ago. Some went on to reach Europe around 5, years later. Others headed back to Asia, to North China, where they formed a second wave of migration into Siberia and North America some 10, years ago.

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After sequencing the genomes of over 50 wolves and dogs from around the world, researchers have traced the origins of domestic dogs back to southern East Asia. Their findings are published in Cell Research this week. But one key element was missing from many of these previous studies: dogs from the southern part of East Asia. So Savolainen, together with Ya-Ping Zhang from the Kunming Institute of Zoology and an international team of researchers, sequenced the whole genomes of 58 members of the dog family, Canidae.


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