Punch vertical fist

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You are totally wrong. The Isshin Ryu punch is superior in many ways. It is not only safer like you mentioned for the bones of the fingers, but helps prevent the wrist from buckling under impact pressure, as well as keeping the thumb from being snagged and broken.

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I felt like I was hitting someone with a pillow rather than my fists. It was like a childhood nightmare where I tried to fight back a monster and my arms and fists turned into cotton. Everyone improves.

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In most fighting styles, but particularly in bareknuckle boxing, you are depending upon your fists to deliver strikes to an opponent. There are three basic positions, which I shall call by their Japanese names, since there the terminology is clearer than it is in English. As such I intend to leave it out of the following discussion, for my intention here is to discuss the change in boxing practises which tool place from c.

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There is a Chinese martial art that goes by the name of Wing Chun. Sometimes they spell it Wing Tsun too. For those of you that have never heard about it, this was what Bruce Lee trained originally, before creating his own brainchild, Jeet Kune Do.

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God only trusted fangs and claws to those creatures He felt were responsible enough to handle them. It is an indisputable fact of life that the things we learn early on in any discipline, impact us the most in subsequent practice or application of that discipline. What we learn, for example, in elementary school, and especially in those early years, carries over well into high school and college.

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Discussion in ' Boxing Training ' started by PrimenalApr 14, Log in or Sign up. Boxing News 24 Forum.

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This is the defining technique of Wing-Chun. Punches are thrown as if pulling a string off the centerline of your chest, with the elbow down and in front of the body which is totally supported by the weight of the practitioner. The fist is held vertical and the contact points are the bottom three knuckles.

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