Idiopathic facial nerve paralysis cocker spaniel

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Facial nerve paresis weakness or paralysis total dysfunction is an abnormality of the facial nerve 7th cranial nerveresulting in improper function or paralysis of the muscles associated with facial expression. These include the muscles of the ears, lips, eyelids and nose. In many cases the cause of facial nerve paralysis is idiopathic unknown.

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When the cause is unknown, the condition in dogs is referred to as idiopathic facial nerve paralysis. Facial paralysis can result from trauma, such as being struck by a car; it can also occur in dogs who have suffered severe inner ear infections and in dogs with unregulated hypothyroidism. If these scenarios are ruled out, the diagnosis of idiopathic facial nerve paralysis is made.

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This paresis milder dysfunction or paralysis more severe dysfunction can occur only one side of the face unilateral or both sides bilateral and can range in severity from mild to moderate to severe. It can have a short duration or long term or permanent dysfunction. Facial nerve paresis or paralysis is the inability to move eyelids, ears, lips or nostrils as a result of various types of damage to the facial nerve or nucleus.

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Paralysis on one side of the face is common when the facial nerve is damaged. Facial paralysis on both sides of the face can be more difficult to recognize, but affected animals often drool and have a dull facial expression. In total facial paralysis, the animal cannot move its eyelids, ears, lips, or nostrils.

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Outline : Otitis externa is inflammation of the ear canal. It is common and can become severe and chronic in cocker spaniels. It is thought that the breed is predisposed to the condition because of several ear abnormalities including the long, drooping ears, characteristic of the breed, and excessive hair growth and wax production within the ear canals.

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Join Now. Has your dog suddenly developed a lopsided smile? Facial paralysis in dogs is a condition that is characterized by changes in your dog's expression and facial control.

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Occasionally we discover veterinary journal articles about one or a few cavalier King Charles spaniels being diagnosed with veterinary disorders rarely found in the breed. These disorders may not be categorized under any specific genetic disorder, and they may not be inherited at all. We include them here just to enable cavalier owners and veterinarians to be able to find them in the event their cavaliers are diagnosed similarly.

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When the vet said facial stroke is very rare in dogs, and our dog Katie's symptoms could be a sign of a brain tumor, I almost fainted. One side of her face was drooping, and she could not blink her right eye or move her right ear. We first noticed something was wrong with Katie when we saw she had food stuck between her cheek and her teeth on the right side of her face.

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Back to Fact Sheets. Download PDF. Facial paralysis is quite common in dogs, particularly in middle to old-age.

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Q: Gertie, my 8-year-old cocker spaniel mix, looks odd. Her left ear and lip droop, and she drools out the left side of her mouth. Did she have a stroke?


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